Ebook Central: How do I remove my personal data?

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TitleEbook Central: How do I remove my personal data?
SummaryProcedure for removing a patron's personal data stored for Ebook Central. Part of EU GDPR compliance.
For instructions on how to request details about the personal data Ebook Central has stored for you, go to Ebook Central: How do I request my personal data?

The specific data collected by Ebook Central depends on the customer's authentication method.

For Patron Login authentication method (patrons have an account specific to the Ebook Central platform - that is, they do not use the library's sign in page to log in to their Ebook Central account), we require first name, last name, and email address for patron accounts. Patrons' email usernames are associated with their activity on Ebook Central.

If you have an Ebook Central patron login account, you can request the removal of the personal data Ebook Central has stored for you. Please note that this will mean your account will be closed and you will no longer be able to sign in to Ebook Central, unless you create a new account.

First, go to your Ebook Central site and sign in to your Ebook Central account.

Next, select the 'Personal Data Options' link in the footer (available on every page of Ebook Central with the exception of the online reader):
Shows the Personal Data Options link location within the footer on Ebook Central

You will be sent to the Personal Data Options page:
Personal Data Options page on Ebook Central, showing link to remove personal data.
When you click the 'Remove My Personal Data' link, you will get a popup asking you to confirm, since removing your personal data will close your Ebook Central account. An account is required for annotating books, using the Ebook Central bookshelf, and full-document download (depending on your library settings, it may also be required for other functions like print and copy). Please note that we are unable to restore patron accounts that have been removed.

If you decide to proceed and click the Remove My Personal Data button, you will get a confirmation screen.

If your library uses a 'Single sign-on' authentication method - that is, your library login is used to sign in to your Ebook Central account - you will get a different message when you click the Personal Data Options link. This message will explain that your library's authentication method involves very little personal data sharing to Ebook Central. For more details on what is sent to us, please contact your library.

All Ebook Central patron accounts with no activity in 24 months are deactivated. Deactivated accounts cannot be restored. A new account must be created once an account is deactivated.

For more information about ProQuest's privacy practices, please check the Privacy Policy at
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