Between November 2020 and May 2021, Pearson textbooks were made available to UK and Ireland customers for purchase with 0% copy and download rights. Pearson revoked this policy in May 2021, and all affected Pearson titles in Ebook Central now have 5% copy and print allowances. Customers do not need to do anything to receive this 5% allowance: all copies of affected titles purchased at 0% DRM limit have now been raised to 5%; all new purchases will automatically have the 5% allowance applied.
In order to enable the original DRM change, ProQuest Ebook Central created an additional DocID for affected Pearson titles, which caused customers some inconvenience around extended access, MARC record handling, and other title administration. Some customers switched to the new DocID, and some customers now have two different DocIDs – and 2 different URLs – for the same title.
ProQuest is currently working on a solution to bring these two DocIDs together. We anticipate that this solution will be in place by the start of the new term in September/October 2021. At this point, customers will have a single URL. This solution will also mean that we can deal with any similar situations in the future in a way that gives a much better experience to our customers.
We are currently working through details in order to advise customers on the workflows they should use between now and the rollout of this single DoCID that will cause them the minimum work.
In the meantime we advise customers to take no action on their Pearson titles right now, but if they wish to upgrade a Pearson title, please contact Technical Support.  
We will update this article with further advice as we get closer to this single DocID solution.