Can I search for “PubMed-not-Medline” records in Medline with MeSH Thesaurus terms?

If a Medline record contains the indexing status “PubMed-not-Medline”, the record will not contain any MeSH Thesaurus index terms. The NLM publishes the following explanation:

MedlineCitation Status attribute:  PubMed-not-MEDLINE
Records in this status are from journals included in MEDLINE and have undergone quality review but are not assigned MeSH headings because the cited item is not in scope for MEDLINE either by topic or by date of publication, or from non-MEDLINE journals and have undergone quality review.

A more detailed explanation including descriptions for all available status attributes in Medline can be found on the NLM website at Description of Medline document status attributes

To find  “PubMed-not-Medline” records in Dialog Medline, it is recommended to use “free text” terms to find the relevant articles. If a more specified search result is required, its also an option to search the "Identifier (keyword)"- field IF, which contains also the author keywords.

A more detailed explanation including descriptions for all Medline Dialog fields can be found in the Dialog Medline database description