1. What’s happening?  


  1. Who is affected by this scheduled maintenance? 


  1. When is the scheduled maintenance? How long will it last? 


  1. Why is this scheduled maintenance happening? 


  1. Why is this scheduled maintenance so long? 


  1. Where can I go for updates during this scheduled maintenance?   


  1. What can I do to inform my users?  

You may want to post your own message. Here’s suggested language:   

“On Saturday, June 26, 2021 2:00pm UTC to 10:00pm UTC, Ebook Central will be offline and ebooks will be unavailable. You may want to suggest for readers to download books or chapters in advance subject to availability for your institution. Download instructions are available here:
Full book download: https://support.proquest.com/articledetail?id=kA23r000000FVybCAG
Chapter download: https://support.proquest.com/articledetail?id=kA23r000000FWAqCA"


  1. What is the user experience when EBC is offline temporarily?   

Screenshot of the downtime message including times in multiple time zones 

  1. Will I be able to access my Ebook Central holdings via LibCentral, Oasis, Rialto, Gobi, Alma? 


  1. Will I be able to purchase Ebook Central titles during this scheduled maintenance? 


  1. What do I do if a user needs a book?  

  1. This time doesn't work for me, is there anything I can do?  


  1. Will anything change or look different after the maintenance is completed?  

  1. Will this affect my holdings?  


  1. Will I need to update links or tags in my MARC Records? 


  1. If I use an FTP server to retrieve my MARC records, DDA titles etc., should I expect anything to change? 

  1. meta.eblib.com  

  1. ftp.ebrary.com 

  1. ftp.ebookcentral.proquest.com 


  1. Do I need to add new IP addresses to my firewall?  

  1. Will I need to make any changes to my EZproxy configuration?

  1. I am located in the Australia/New Zealand region and I use EZproxy SharedSecret authentication to access Ebook Central. Do I need to make any changes regarding IP addresses? 
  1. Will users be able to access an ebook through the ProQuest Platform during the maintenance window?