OASIS has long supported visibility and ordering for pre-publication print titles, and now supports this same functionality for ebook content too.

Titles which previously displayed the stock and availability statuses: “Ebook available” and “Ebook not available” may now also display “Not yet published” on the browse row and beneath the format selection at Checkout and in Authorize Orders.

How it works

Participating platforms will either provide us with an availability status or a guaranteed on-sale date.

Librarians can view NYP content alongside other content, save it to a list for future purchasing, or place a pre-order which ProQuest will hold until the title becomes available, and then release to the appropriate platform for fulfillment.

Visual cues

To help these titles stand out during checkout, the status will be presented in bold and italics, alongside an hourglass icon.

At checkout, a pop-up notification will be displayed warning users that you are about to order a not yet published title. If you do not wish to checkout, you can close the message and remove the title(s) from your cart. If you do not want to be warned in the future, simply check the box to always allow purchasing of NYP content.


1. Will all platforms provide NYP titles?
No, some platforms are not able to provide this information, but we will continue to work with our integration partners as they are able.

2. Why does the same title show available from one platform and not yet published from another?
Platforms on OASIS fall into three categories:
  1. Category 1 platforms do not currently provide not yet published content, and their titles will not display in our catalog until they are available for purchase.
  2. Category 2 platforms do provide not yet published content. These titles are displayed in OASIS, and we rely on the platform to inform us when the content will become available for purchase.
  3. Category 3 platforms do not provide us with not yet published content, however they may have titles that are available for purchase before the official on-sale date. Those titles will appear in the OASIS catalog and be eligible for fulfillment at the time of their appearance.

3. I checked the box to “Always allow not yet published titles to checkout” and now I want to uncheck it so that the warning message will pop up again. What do I do?
Clearing your cookies will allow the warning message to pop up again.

4. Will I be notified before a backordered NYP ebook becomes available?
There will be a status update on the order when it becomes available and is released for fulfillment, which can be tracked along with your other order status updates in OASIS. When the order is complete, you will receive an access notification and invoice.

5. How will this affect my approvals plans?
NYP ebooks are managed outside of the New Titles treatment workflow. Once an ISBN becomes available on any ebook platform, the ISBN will be released to flow through the New Titles notification process even if other platforms associated with that ISBN are not yet available, with the expectation that all associated platforms will soon become available. Linked alternate ISBNs will not be released until one platform associated with that alternate ISBN is known to be available.