Ebook Central books are available for online reading in two different formats: PDF and EPUB. Depending on the format of the book, you will have a different experience in the online reader. Some may be available in both formats for full-document download

If you are reading an EPUB in the online reader, you may notice the following: 

  1. Reflowable text: when you resize the window or access the book on devices with different screen sizes, the text will automatically resize to be optimized for your screen. You can also customize the text size further using the font resizing tool in the display options menu in the top right corner of the reader 

  1. Hyperlink: EPUB format is based on HTML and allows for hyperlinks within the text to other sections of the book or outside links to websites 

  1. Page numbers: Reflowable text means that the amount of text on each page can change depending on the size of your screen, so pagination may vary. For this reason, you may notice when you use the copy or print function that the number of pages you receive does not match the number of pages on your screen

  2. Accessibility: EPUB files are natively accessible to screen readers and will not change format when Accessibility Mode is enabled on Ebook Central

For information on the current features available for EPUB in the online reader, refer to Using the EPUB Reader in Ebook Central.

If you are reading a PDF in the online reader, you may notice the following: 

  1. Fixed text: The text in a PDF file is fixed, so it will not automatically resize to adjust to the size of the screen or window. There is a zoom feature for PDF books in the toolbar of the online reader that will resize the entire page, not just the text  

  1. Hyperlinks: The Ebook Central online reader does not support hyperlinks in PDF 

  1. Page numbers: PDF pages retain the look and feel of a printed book, so page numbers are fixed and will display on the page. The number of pages is fixed regardless of screen size or zoom level in the reader 

  2. Accessibility: To read PDF books with a screen reader, you will need to enable Accessibility Mode on your account