Ebook Central has a citation feature that allows you to generate a citation in several common citation styles. For full instructions on using this feature, go to Ebook Central: Citations - START HERE

The citation generator will only provide book-level citations to include in a works cited page or bibliography. For in-text citations or to cite a specific book chapter from an edited volume, you will need to create your own citation. 

On Ebook Central, books are available in either EPUB or PDF format. PDF books retain the look and feel of a printed book and will usually have page numbers that match the ones in a printed book, so citing specific page numbers is simple. 

EPUB books do not have stable pagination because the reflowable text means they automatically resize to fit your screen. 

Citation style guides vary regarding how much guidance they provide about how to handle citations for books without stable pagination.  

Be sure to check the requirements for your citation style in your style guide, or with your professor or librarian.