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How do I configure the product in Alma?

Please, make sure you select the following products:

  1. ProQuest One Literature
  2. For the ebooks portion, please select also:
    • Ebook Central Literature & Language, if you’re based in US/Canada, or
    • Ebook Central Literature & Language – International, if you’re based elsewhere

How do I configure the product in Primo?

It could be in one of 2 ways:

  1. If you have already migrated to CDI there is nothing else to do – the product was already configured for search when you activated it in Alma.
  2. If you haven’t moved to CDI yet or don’t have Alma, make sure you enable the following product ProQuest One Literature

How do I configure the product in 360/360 Link/Summon?

Please, make sure you select the following products on the Client Center:

  1. ProQuest One Literature
  2. For ebooks, please select Ebook Central - Literature & Language Ebook Subscription

How do I configure ProQuest One Literature in other linking/discovery services?

Please, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your link resolver Knowledge Base and select the following products from there:
    • ProQuest One Literature from there
    • Ebook Central - Literature & Language
      If your link resolver vendor doesn’t support these collections yet, please, ask them to get in touch with ProQuest
  2. Download the MARC records for ProQuest One Literature from the ProQuest Administration Module and load them to your catalogue. The records will be discoverable in your discovery service through these MARC records. Please, see next section on how to download the MARC records.

MARC Records

ProQuest One Literature MARC records are available in 2 different batches. In order to download the records you need to:

  1. Log into the ProQuest Administration Module – if you don’t have your credentials, please, contact us.
  2. Select the ‘Title Lists / MARC Records’ tab on the left-hand menu
  3. Select ‘Request MARC Records’
  4. On the ‘Request MARC Records’ page click on ‘Request complete set now’ – this will download a file with all the serial content you have available in ProQuest, which will include the MARC records for all the journals in ProQuest One Literature.
  5. Additionally, in order to get the MARC records for the non-serial content (e.g. videos, dissertations, primary sources, etc.) select the link ProQuest One Literature towards the bottom of the page.
    • This will open a new window in your browser where you will see different files. Make sure you download the file PQ1 Literature.mrc. If you’re based on the US, you will also need to download the file PQ1 Literature-lion-us-customers-only.mrc, as US customers have access to a few extra works not available to non-US customers.

Usage stats

The usage stats for ProQuest One Literature have to be retrieved from 2 different locations:

  1. For all content except ebooks (criticism, videos, dissertations, primary sources, etc.), go to the ProQuest Administration Module, select ‘Usage Reports’ on the left-hand menu and request the required report.
  2. For the ebooks portion from Ebook Central you need to log into LibCentral and get the usage for the Ebook Central Literature & Language Collection from there – if you don’t have your credentials for LibCentral, please, contact us.


The ProQuest One Literature accessibility statement includes information on the various content and format types in ProQuest One Literature and the ProQuest platform in general.

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