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ProQuest provides user experience enhancements, features, and new content to ProQuest One Literature on a regular basis. These improvements are ongoing and result from specific efforts to bring our customers and users current, high-quality content and the best user experience for literature.

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2021 Updates


Highlights of recent updates to ProQuest One Literature include:

Content Updates:

Please see below for recent content updates to ProQuest One Literature.

The current ProQuest One Literature title list based on territorial restrictions can be found in the ProQuest Administrator Module (PAM).

Content Additions

Journals: Over 25 new journal titles have been added (since January 2021) with many ongoing full text peer reviewed journals. Highlights include:

Diacrítica – a double-blind peer review journal and the official journal of the Center for Humanistic Studies of the University of Minho – CEHUM. Scientifically committed to being a nationally and internationally renowned periodical in the field of the Humanities. The journal’s volumes focus on linguistics, philosophy, and literature and it has been a nationally and internationally renowned periodical for the diffusion of high-quality academic studies in the field of the Humanities.

Enthymema – an international double-blind peer review, open access journal in literary theory, literary criticism, rhetoric, philosophy of literature & narrative theory. Includes theoretical, critical, and methodological essays as well as interviews and reviews. Enthymema is published by Universita degli Studi di Milano.

Explorations – a double-blind peer refereed open-access online journal published by University of Opole, Poland focused on linguistics and literature. It provides a forum that invites a wide range of original articles dealing with all aspects of the English language, English language literatures, and their teaching in tertiary academic contexts. It is dedicated to promoting exchange of ideas among English department teachers, scholars and researchers worldwide.

REAL (The Yearbook of research in English and American literature) – aims to provide a forum for substantial articles on literature in English from the Middle Ages to the present. Emphasis is on the discussion of specific texts, authors, or periods, and on the application of these to particular critical methods. REAL is published by Universita degli Studi di Milano.

Reflections – published by New City Community Press, is a peer reviewed journal that provides a forum for scholarship on public rhetoric, civic writing, service-learning, and community literacy, essays and stories both from and about community writing and literacy projects, interviews with leading workers in the field.

Tintas – a double-blind peer review journal that aims to open a wide space to the critical debate for Italian and foreign scholars on issues of literature, translation and linguistics, in the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking fields, of Europe and other continents. Titans is published by Universita degli Studi di Milano.

eBooks: Over 2,500 new eBook titles have been added to ProQuest One Literature since January 2021. Titles cover literature, biographies and autobiographies, sociology, foreign language study, literary criticism, philosophy, religion, social science, history, education, language arts, and more. Highlights to the eBook titles include:



Diverse Women Voices:

Titles Exploring Censorship:

Graphic novel and superhero study:

Content Removals/Changes:

Just as we grow the subscription by continually adding content and enhancing features, from time to time we also may remove a small number of titles due to publisher requests. To minimize access interruptions to users, we try to limit these removals to two times per year. Since January 2021, 427 eBooks have been removed.

The current ProQuest One Literature title list based on territorial restrictions can be found in the ProQuest Administrator Module (PAM).

2020 Updates


Collection Browse fo qr Individual Literature Collections: Collection pages for 33 individual literature collections within ProQuest One Literature have been enhanced with dedicated collection landing pages allowing users to discretely browse and search the original works of prose, poetry, and drama contained in each collection. Durable links are available for each individual collection page which allows the collection to be easily shared via email, LibGuides, learning management systems, or syllabi.

Literature Collection Browsing

Criticism Over Time: The Criticism-Over-Time feature visually illustrates the criticism coverage timespan to see how it has changed over time. Users can interact with the feature to investigate the criticism of an author or work within the context of a particular decade.

Content Updates:

Diverse Primary Texts

Collins Classics: 150 important Collins Classics from HarperCollins have been added. These essential books, commonly assigned in literature programs, include highlights such as: Peter Pan, The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, White Fang, The Origin of the Species, Les Miserables, and War of the Worlds.

First Avenue Classics: 150 timeless First Avenue Classics from Lerner Books have been added. These commonly-assigned books include highlights such as: Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Frankenstein, My Ántonia, Macbeth, House of Mirth, Anna Karenina, Madame Bovary, and Don Quixote.

German Collections: Non-English language collections have been added offering access to German literature and corresponding reference documents that offer content and background.

Spanish Collection: Non-English language collection offers access to Spanish plays and corresponding reference documents that add content and background.

Criticism Resources

Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature (ABELL) updates: 17,000+ new bibliographic records have been added to expand ProQuest One Literature’s citation coverage from ABELL, one of the most important bibliographic sources for English studies.

Book Reviews: 50,000 additions of full-text book reviews, from the 1980’s to present, have been added from Guardian, New York Times, and The Washington Post which offer an indispensable source of interpretation and criticism for the study of contemporary literature.

Dissertations Update: 15,000 additions of full-text dissertations for a total of 30,000 dissertations, which offer a rich source of scholarly output plus citations.

Journal Content: 1,000+ new journal issues have been added to full-text journals. Additionally, 12 newly-added full-text peer-reviewed journals have been added, including:

Reference Resources

Author Biographies: 452 new and updated author biographies have been added and appear on dedicated author pages to support contextual understanding of the lives and works of authors.

Columbia University Press Reference Volumes: Four new reference volumes have been added:

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