SUSHI server URL:
Requester ID:  ProQuest Administrator Module username
Username (if required):  ProQuest Administrator Module username
Password (if required):  ProQuest Administrator Module password
Customer ID:  ProQuest Account ID

If you need an admin account set up or do not know your Account ID, please contact technical support .  

The rest of the setup will depend on the system you are using. For example, the ProQuest ExLibris product that does harvesting requires the following:

For ProQuest, enter the customer ID, username, and password that ProQuest sent you for your institution. Enter <username/password> as the Requester ID. For example, if your username is "orange" and your password is "apple", enter orange/apple for Requester ID, orange for User Name, and apple for Password.

You may want to check with the support team for whatever harvester you are using to find out exactly how they want the information entered.