When viewing a document on the ProQuest platform, you can navigate to the Abstract/Details tab, scroll down to Document URL and find a permalink back to the document.  As described in this support article, an admin can set up their institution's account so that an EZproxy prefix displays in front of that URL:


The URL you should be seeing would be in this general format:

If you are seeing the proxy prefix duplicated, it typically means you are logged into the proxy and the proxy is rewriting the ProQuest domain in the second half of that URL.  You would see something like this instead:

To prevent this from happening, an admin will need to modify the way they set up the proxy prefix.  Instead of entering:

https://proxy.schoolname.edu:2048/login?url= OR https://proxy.schoolname.edu/login?url=


https://proxy.schoolname.edu:2048/login?qurl= OR https://proxy.schoolname.edu/login?qurl=

Changing the url= to qurl= will display an encoded version of the URL, preventing the proxy from modifying it.  You would expect to see something like this instead:


If you are not a staff member who would have access to make this change, you will want to reach out to your institution's Help Desk.

If you are a staff member and need access to the ProQuest Administrator Module to make this change, please contact technical support .