Links to individual publications are not available in Factiva, but it is possible to create saved searches for specific publications and date ranges.

To do this you will need:

1. From the Settings/Tools/Support menu, navigate to Settings -> Preferences -> Search/Alerts.


2. Under Search Builder heading, the dropdown menu for "*Search Only" should be set to Full Article.


3. Enter the Source Code for the publication you wish to create a link to in the search box, using rst=
(The Source Codes for publications are available from the Factiva title list).

4. Select the date range you want the link to return.


5. Run the search. From search results page, hover over the Search link on the menu and click "Direct Link".


6. Copy the URL from the box.


7. Paste the URL to a text document.

8. Append the XSID from the login URL to the search link.

9. This URL can now be used to access the search results directly. You can change the publication of the link by replacing the publication Source Code in the URL as needed.