Title suggestions can be forwarded to non-OASIS users (such as faculty) using the List/Forward feature within your search results, lists, or other areas in OASIS.

Essentially what you are doing when using this feature is creating a named list with a special command built in that creates a pre-scripted email for the recipient with the option to recommend or reject your title suggestion.


From the Action Arrow or from the menu that appears after you’ve checked an item, List/Forward will appear as an option.


The email (from alias YourLibraryLiaison@proquest.com) will include this language “Your liaison librarian [librarian’s name]) has referred the following title(s) to you, for your consideration. Please select either the Recommend or Reject URL for each title below to indicate your interest (or otherwise) in adding the title to the library's collection” along with ISBN, brief description of the title, any ordering information you’ve included and two links: one to recommend and one to reject.

Clicking on either of the links will result in an option for the Faculty Selector to add a note and additional information as to why they are recommending your suggestion or rejecting it.
NOTE: This is where your Internal Note will appear, not in the body of the email itself.


After the Faculty Selector responds with a recommendation or rejection, you will see a new message in your OASIS Inbox. In blue, you will see if the title was recommended or rejected. If you mouse over the Internal Notes wording, you will see any notes that were added. Additionally, you can see the status of the title such as if it is in your Shopping Cart, Awaiting Ratification, etc.