When a library uses Patron Login Authentication for their Ebook Central site, they can manage patron accounts in LibCentral under Users > Manage Patrons.

Clicking the "Import Patrons from CSV" button allows a library to upload login information for many patrons at once. They should follow the instructions to download the File Template, populate the template with patron data, save in .csv format, and upload the .csv file to LibCentral.

Attempting to upload a file with any blank username, password, or email fields produces error messages according to the following patterns:
"Failed - 1 error(s) found in the uploaded file.
    Line 1: Email is required."
or "0 patrons added, 1 patron not added. Skipped user 'username'"

Adding columns to or deleting columns from the original template produces the error message:
"Failed - Please use the provided template."

Attempting to upload a file type other than .csv produces the error message:
"Failed - Please select a valid CSV file."