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What is this Regulatory Insight?
ProQuest Regulatory Insight offers researchers unique insight into administrative law histories from 1936-2017, organized by Public Law, in this companion to the Legislative Insight collection. The content and functionality of Regulatory Insight enables researchers to engage in discovery and analysis related to historic and current administrative law. Users benefit from the ability to quickly access expertly compiled regulatory histories associated with specific laws and executive orders.

An Overview of the Insight Product Collection
ProQuest Insight products include select collections of U.S. government documents with workflow tools to facilitate research, teaching, and learning involving historic and current legislative, judicial, and executive branch materials. Primary source content in each collection is compiled by our professional research staff and made accessible through a user-friendly, dynamic work space allowing for easy, in-depth discovery. Existing and planned features offering interoperability between collections enhance the value of the individual collections, facilitating understanding of government processes and multiple viewpoints. The Insight product features empower users to focus on what really what matters – achieving superior research results.

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Our Product Vision and the path to getting there!
On December, 2015, ProQuest Regulatory Insight database launched as a new product on the ProQuest Government platform. Access URL:

At launch, Regulatory Insight included histories associated with public laws enacted between 2001-2015. When complete, Regulatory Insight will also include histories associated with executive orders and tools to facilitate administrative law research with a focus on Federal agencies, and will be applicable for libraries at all institutions with strong research programs. Users will be able to search and browse the Code of Federal Regulations and the Federal Register. Functionality similar to Legislative History functionality make it easy for users to work with the content to solve a variety of multi-disciplinary research tasks.

What is Available Now:

Regulatory Histories Associated with Public Laws

Federal Register articles

Code of Federal Regulations

Recent Updates: New!

Regulatory Insight now includes three new features:

Regulatory Histories Related to Executive Orders
Agency View Note that the predecessor/successor and related links were added to the product because market research told us that students do not know how to find out what these relationships are, and in fact do not even know that such relationships exist.

Enhanced Subject Indexing:
Additional Features releasing later this year include:  

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