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The Colonial State Papers are digitized primary source documents from the early history of England’s governance of the Americas, together with a top-class bibliographic resource. Document collection CO 1 provides more than 7,000 high-quality, full-color images of unique 16th-18th century documents. The Calendar of State Papers Colonial is a valuable finding aid with more than 40,000 bibliographic records, listing documents from CO 1 and many other sources. Full-text document types include letters of commission, petitions, articles of peace, lists of vessels and goods, reports of exploration, complaints of disputes, and more.

Scholars can access the documents of CO 1 in authentic colour at their convenience, without travelling to London for limited access to the collection. The Colonial State Papers satisfy growth in demand for primary source materials in Early American history, British colonial history, history of the Caribbean, maritime history, Atlantic trade, plantations and slavery.

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