Your Ebook Central Perpetual access, DDA-discoverable, and Subscribed holdings can be automatically updated in:

Once updated in the above, the holdings information flows to the following discovery services if configured to do so:

There are two automated workflows for Ebook Central collections:

Note that owned titles and any active DDA-discoverable titles are combined for the purposes of the automated holdings update. If you select the DDA/owned automated workflow it is not currently an option to only auto-update one or the other (owned or DDA-discoverable) – it is currently both or none. Subscription titles can be updated separately since they are sent to a different database. Once auto-updating has been enabled, it is not possible to manually edit subscribed status of these titles in 360 Client Center.

Once the automation settings are in place:

To set up automated holdings management for your Perpetual, DDA and Subscribed titles:

You can do the initial setup yourself but you will need the Ex Libris Support team to enable the service for you. For instructions, see the following Ex Libris support articles:

You'll need to contact the Ex Libris support team to enable the update service:

Consortia-provided holdings:

Perpetual and DDA titles and/or Subscription titles on your Ebook Central site that are provided by an Ebook Central consortia parent site are included in your auto-holdings update along with the titles held directly on your site.

Subscriptions, such as Academic Complete, are still represented as separate databases in Client Center and can still be manually selected if you opt not to use the automated holdings workflow for your subscription titles.

Please note that there are differences in regional availability of some titles in subscription databases, which means the individual subscription collections listed in Client Center may not reflect your holdings with 100% accuracy. We recommend using the automated holdings workflow for subscriptions for 100% accuracy.

Even when automated holdings are enabled for subscription and titles sent to BBABE, 360 Resource Manager and Intota clients should still use individual Ebook Central Subscription databases to record ERM data like payments, renewals, contacts, notes, etc. To avoid duplicate holdings in discovery, you should disable the Display In settings in your individual subscriptions (Academic Complete, etc.). Please see the Ex Libris support article for more information:


Automated Holdings Management does not impact other library workflows or any functionality of your 360 and Summon services.  Examples of related activities that remain unchanged:

Custom status indicators (such as Purchased or License Negotiation) set up through a library’s 360 Resource Manager subscription currently cannot be applied to automated holdings management.

Ebook Central also offers automated holdings management with Ex Libris' Alma and OCLC's WorldCat Knowledgebase. For more information, access the following support articles:
Ebook Central Admin: Automated holdings updates to Alma
Ebook Central Admin: Automated holdings updates to OCLC Worldcat Knowledgebase