Lists and search results in OASIS can be sorted and filtered in a variety of ways.

Applying a Filter

In the top of the screen, just above the browse row, to the center-left there is a button that says "click to apply filter" which will open a dialogue box.
The dialogue contains a drop-down list of available filters, a drop-down of available operations, and a free text field. Sometimes creating the filter can be tricky.

TIP: Until you get familiar with the wording in OASIS simply find a result you want to include in the results and copy that exact wording. Example: Binding equals cloth.

You can select multiple filters by repeating the steps above using the left command of Another Filter until you're ready to execute your search using the middle Apply Filter(s) Now command.

If the filtered search doesn't result in what you're looking for, or if you'd like to add additional filters (or remove others), simply click on the Filter box and it will take you back to the Filter choices dialogue box.

Filtering to include only DRM-free content

Ebook titles which do not restrict printing, downloading, and other digital rights activity are labeled in OASIS as DRM-Free. At present, this label only applies to Ebook Central and EBSCO content associated with an Unlimited User license, as Publisher Direct titles are presumed to be DRM-Free.

Filtering to include only titles which have already flowed through the Approvals process 

Titles are "treated" divisionally in approval centers, so a user may need to consult his Collection & Workflow Consultant as to which approval center his profile is associated with before using the data in a useful way. The relevant filters are "NA Selection Cycle Complete," "NL Selection Cycle Complete," and "UK Selection Cycle Complete." Selection Cycle Complete means that the title has passed through the book-in-hand review process carried out by the New Titles team in one of the divisions.