OASIS Z39.50 compliant web interface allows remote searching capabilities with the ability to automatically merge bibliographic records into the library database in real time, creating significant workflow efficiencies and eliminating duplication of data entry.  Libraries will realize significant efficiencies by eliminating a p-order search function and enabling staff to download a virtually complete bibliographic and order record in moments. Moreover, the library does not have to access the OASIS database to download records or upload files; the entire process is run automatically from within the library's LMS.

The OASIS Z39.50 Server conforms to Z39.50-1995 (Version 3) of the standard, and the following services are supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:


ProQuest OASIS Z39.50 Server

Domain name: oasis-z3950.proquest.com (Currently
Port: 210
Database name: USMARC

Preferred Message Size

ProQuest will negotiate Client down to 32,768 bytes if requested size exceeds
32,768 bytes, and accept Client proposal if it is less than 32,768 bytes.

Maximum Record Size

Server will accept Client proposal

ID Authentication

OASIS User-id and password are mandatory

Search Service

Result Set Name
Only "default" is supported (case insensitive)

Database Names (case insensitive)

Type-1 only is supported

Attribute Set ID
Bib-1 only is supported

The Result Set ID (i.e., "default") cannot be used in the Operand.
Qualifying searches are not supported

Operators Supported:

Result Set Maximum is 1,000 records

Present Service

Record Syntaxes Supported
MARC 21  (OID = 1.2.840.10003.5.10)

Element Set Names Supported
"F" -- Full (MARC and OPAC records)

Use Attributes Supported

      Value   Description   

        1     Personal name            

        2     Corporate name          

        3     Conference name          

        4     Title                  

        5     Title series          

        6     Uniform title            

        7     ISBN                   

        8     ISSN                  

        9     LCCN                    

       13     Dewey classification  

       16     LC call number         

       17     NLM call number

       20     Other call number

       21     Subject heading       

       25     MeSH subject heading

       27     LC subject heading

       31     Date of publication

       33     Title -- key        

       41     Title -- variant       

       42     Title -- former       

       43     Title -- abbreviated 

       48     Number -- national bibliography        

       50     Number -- government pub.

       51     Number -- music publisher

       54     Code -- language

       55     Code -- geographic area

      56     Code -- institution

       57     Name and title

       58     Name geographic          

       59     Place of publication

       63     Note                     

Search Term Processing

Searching is currently limited to ISBNs and OASIS List Identifiers. Example: 0123456789  or list:99999999  where 99999999 is the 8 character OASIS list identifier.