Accessibility Mode is an option that can be turned on in Ebook Central when using a screen reader such as JAWS or VoiceOver. When you access Ebook Central using a screen reader, your screen reader will read out instructions for turning on accessibility mode. Once turned on, Ebook Central's interface changes to a text-based view and you can use the screen reader to read the text on the screen and control navigation. 

Since accessibility mode is tied to a particular Ebook Central patron account, you must be signed in to an account in order to turn it on and to access books in the text-only mode. If you are a librarian who would like to see a demonstration of how accessibility works but do not have access to a screen reader to test on behalf of a patron, you can view our demonstration video

Once accessibility mode is enabled, your screen reader will read out instructions on toggling the mode off in case you ever need to disable it.

You can also turn on accessibility mode through your Ebook Central account profile settings. See How To Turn Accessibility Mode On (or Off) on Ebook Central.

Please contact the Ebook Support team to request accessibility mode if you cannot enable it directly using your screen reader or via your account settings.

You can also use your screen reader with chapter download or full document download on Ebook Central. From the Detail Page, use your screen reader to either download the complete book using Adobe Digital Editions, or use chapter/page-range download to get parts of the book as a full-text PDF.

You can then open the downloaded book in Adobe Digital Editions and use the screen reader to read the text of the book, or you can open the full-text PDF and use a screen reader to read the text of the downloaded portion of the book.

Please note: when accessibility mode is turned on the highlight function is not available.

For details regarding certified screen readers and browsers supported on Ebook Central,  >See More