To make the link out process more efficient and in-line with other linking options, we are changing the way administrators manage linking to full text articles in JSTOR and Project MUSE collections and how these records are displayed in the ProQuest platform.

These enhancements will make it easier for administrators to manage enable/disable linking from ProQuest to full text in JSTOR and MUSE collections and for users to link to full text. This article will summarize the changes for administrators and users.


No action is required on your part. We want to make you aware that in the coming weeks where you manage linking options for your JSTOR and/or Project MUSE collections in the ProQuest Administrator Module will move to the Advanced Resource Linking page. Previously, administrators used the Linking in/Linking out>Direct Links to External Content section of PAM to manage linking to JSTOR and Project MUSE Collections.

Moving the administration of linking for JSTOR and Project MUSE collections to the Advanced Resource Linking section, will make it easier for you to enable/disable links to these and many other collections. Since you can enable links to resources from other vendors from this page we encourage you to log into PAM and select all the resources that are available at your library.


To make it easier to connect to full text, users will see a new ‘Access full text’ link on the search results page and document view page for these records:


NOTE: The link/icon will only display to your end users after we compare your holdings in ProQuest with those selected via the ProQuest Administrator Module and can confirm that the full text is available in one of those resources you have enabled. If no match is established the link/icon does not display.

The changes will be made between mid-September and mid-October. Please, do get in touch with our Support Team if you have any questions about this.