The URL your Ebook central site (at least for on-campus access) is in the format:

where YOURSITE is usually the same as the domain in your school or organization email address, such as

If that doesn’t work, you can likely find the URL to your school's Ebook Central site on the library web page. (If your Ebook Central site is provided by an organization instead of a school, you will likely need to contact the library staff.)  To find your school's library web page, try googling your school name and “library”. Once you find the library’s webpage, look for headings like: If the databases are listed alphabetically, try the E’s for Ebook Central, or the P’s for ProQuest Ebook Central.

URL to a particular book on your Ebook Central site is in the format:
####### is the Ebook Central docID unique to the particular book, such as 1597449

URL can include other specifiers, such as search criteria.  For example:
will run a search for "leadership" on the YOURSITE Ebook Central site

Tip:  If you have a link to an Ebook Central book, you can use that to access your Ebook Central site, then click the “Search” button at the top to search for other books on your Ebook Central site.
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