Results List

  1. Your search results are returned.  The number of results returned for each source type are listed up to 1000 results.image33.jpg

  2. Sort results by allows you to Sort by Relevance, Date or Lexile.  Select Relevance to see the most relevant article first, Select Date to see the most current articles first. Select Lexile Score – low to high to see the lowest Lexile scores first, or Lexile Score – high to low to see the highest Lexile scores first.


Hint: All sources may not add up to the total number of All Articles, as other sources may be present such as News wires.

  1. The Narrow your results box allows you to narrow by a specific source type.  Select any of  the corresponding links to narrow:  Newspapers, Magazines, Government Docs, Primary Sources, Reference, Viewpoints, Graphics/Media or WebSelect Sites depending on available options and licensed databases. Matching Subjects displays all of the subject headings that match your search parameters.

  2. Article results appear in the following format:

    Show/Hide functionality allows users to hide the summary and related subjects.

  3. Article Citations Appear in the Following Format:

    1. Title - Select to access the Full-text article.

    2. Publication - Name of the publication in which the article appeared.

    3. Date - Date the article was published.

    4. Lexile Score - Numeric indicator of the readability of the text.

    5. Size - Size of the article for determining download time.

    6. Database - SIRS Database containing the article.

    7. Graphics icon - A thumbnail graphic will appear if there are graphics in the article.  Select to view the graphic, or if there are multiple graphics, a gallery of all graphics will appear.

    8. Add to My List - From the Results list select the check box next to each title and select Add to My List next to each article.

    9. Summary icon - Select to view a summary which assists in determining what the article is about.

    10. Subjects – Links to related Subject Heading.

Note: Your license may not include access to Government Documents or WebSelect Sites.