eLibrary Widget Code Implementation Guide

Start by selecting the widget you wish to use; then, follow these easy steps to create your widget:

1. Enter the Proxy URL for your organization if one is used. If you don't know the Proxy URL, check with your proxy administrator. If you use Innovative (III) see below for special instructions.

Instructions for specific authentication types:

EZ Proxy
Make sure to include /login?url= at the end.


Make sure to end the proxy URL with the parameter that accepts the target URL.


2. Select the type of widget you want.

3. You can preview your selection in the Preview area. The preview will be automatically updated when you change your selections. When the settings meet your needs, click Create Widget.

Add the Search Widget to Your Page

Follow these steps to add the Widget to your classroom, library, or school webpage:

1. Copy the code for the Search Widget.

2. Open the web page you would like to place the Search Widget on in an HTML editor.

3. In the "Source View" mode of your HTML editor, paste the Search Widget code where you want it to appear on your web page. (If you are working in a program such as Dreamweaver in design view, make sure to paste the HTML code.)

4. Save the page.