Full-Text Article

The full-text article is accessed by clicking the article title in the Results list. The full text is also accessible from the source, summary, descriptors and graphics pages.

The article page lists the publisher, location of publisher, date and page number(s), article title and author. In addition, any search term(s) used to locate the article are bold in the text.  Articles also include Add to My List, Email, Print View, Share tools and Article Translation.  


1. My List – Click My List to save the article to a personalized list of saved articles.  My List can be accessed under My Research.   

2. Email –Click Email to send the article to your personal Email account.

3. Print View – Print View puts the article in a printer ready version.  

4.  Share – Bookmark and Share the article through web 2.0 share tools.

5. Translate – Use this tool to translate the article into one of 11 languages.  

6.  Summary -   Click on summary to jump to bottom of page to view summary.

7.  Citation -  Click on citation to jump to bottom of page to view MLA citation.