My List

Compile a running list of articles or sites and corresponding sources, summaries and graphics. Select Log-out to end the user session and clear My List.

Adding Articles to My List

 1. From the Results List  select the check box next to each title and select Add to My List next to each article.  The checked box will change to say Added to My List.  image55.jpg

2. From the Full-text article, select the Add to My List at the top of the article. The check mark indicates the article has been added to My List.

Using the Tagged List

  1. Access the My List from the top Reference bar under My List to view, print or e-mail tagged articles or Internet sites.

  2. Select the check box of desired titles and then select an action. Alternately, utilize the Select All and Deselect All buttons.

    • Delete removes the article or Internet site from your tagged list.

    • E-mail electronically sends articles, sources, summaries and graphics to the users personal e-mail address.

    • Create/Print Bibliography compiles a list of source information for citing Internet sources.

    • Include Citation Guidelines, when checked, appends MLA and APA citation instructions to the Bibliography.

  3. image145.gif

Note: This feature may be disabled by your system administrator. See System Administrator Options