Navigating the Interface


  1. The SIRS logo offers one-click navigation to the Database Portals.

  2. Search Tabs allow access to the three search methods, Quick Search, Advanced Search and Topic Browse, a listing of Database Features.

  3. The top Reference Bar provides links to functional and reference aids.

    • Back returns to the previously viewed page.

    • My List displays articles added to the list by selecting the tag icon.

      • Search History contains a list of all searches performed during a session and provides links to return to the search results.

      • Session Save provides the ability to save your search history and tagged list by keying in a user name and password.

    • Dictionary & Thesaurus assists users in defining words, checking spelling, choosing the perfect word and more.

    • Toolbox provides a single point of access to all reference materials.

    • Educators' Resources compiles a collection of materials designed to help librarians and library patrons.

    • Standards Correlation provides Curriculum Alignments and links to State Standards.
    • Help launches context-sensitive help.

    • Exit ends the user session, clearing the search history and tagged list for the next user.