There are several key locations to enter/update your email address in OASIS.

The first location is clicking on the human icon in the upper right hand corner and then select Account Settings > Personal. By entering or updating your email address here, the management reports will use this as a default.
NOTE: Do not ever change the Signature as this is connected with all other order activity in OASIS.

The second location to enter/update your email address is in Account Settings>List Maintenance. Add/update your email address if you want to receive an email notification which will let you know that you have new titles available for review in specific system generated lists (Slip Notifications, Inbox, iFound List, and Authorize Orders), or any user defined list. The changes here will be associated with whatever list you have highlighted in blue above the divider line.
NOTE: You may have to add/update your email address multiple times for multiple lists.

Another location to enter/update your email address is when creating lists using My Lists menu. See List Maintenance  for more information.