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To focus efforts on products that customers tell us they value most, we will upgrade eLibrary on December 14, 2017. The reimagined eLibrary includes a completely new design which more efficiently guides novice researchers. And, a move to the award-winning ProQuest platform, will enable cross search of eLibrary content with other ProQuest databases.

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Technical Specifications and Preparation for the new eLibrary

HTTPS and Proxy Servers

If you use a proxy server, you’ll want to make sure your system is up-to-date and ready to accommodate the https browser encryption.

Learn how to set up and configure your proxy server preparations.

Web Browsers

For the best experience of the new eLibrary, it is suggested that you access the product only on manufacturer supported browsers. In general, ProQuest supports the current and prior major releases of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari on a rolling basis.

Learn more about browser requirements.

eLibrary Mobile Site Decommission

The new eLibrary will be responsively designed. That means that web page presentation will be optimized for the device you are viewing it from, whether that’s a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Given that, the eLibrary Mobile site will be obsolete and therefore decommissioned. We recommend you remove references and links to the mobile site from any of your patron communications and messaging.

Usage stats before November 1, 2016

eLibrary usage statistics for any period before November 1, 2016 will remain available on the legacy Local Administrator site until June of 2018. Administrators can run usage stat reports for periods dating from November 1, 2016 forward from the ProQuest Administrator Module site.

Custom Institutional Branding

If you have a ProQuest Administrator Module (PAM) account and have set up custom institutional branding for a product on the ProQuest Academic platform, that branding configuration will transfer when the eLibrary transition happens in December. If you do not yet have a ProQuest Administrator Account and you do have custom institutional branding in your eLibrary product, it will be necessary to take a few steps to make sure that branding transfers over to the new product.

Learn more about setting up your custom institutional branding on the new eLibrary.

eLibrary FAQs

I have eLibrary Curriculum Edition. Will I still have access to ProQuest Learning: Literature and History Study Center?
If you are a current subscriber to eLibrary Curriculum Edition, your subscription will be upgraded to the New eLibrary product and includes continued access to both ProQuest Learning: Literature (PQLL) and History Study Center (HSC).

You can access PQLL and HSC through your current direct product links (through the My Products portal page, for example) or you can set up new links to each product separately.

The access URL for HSC is:

The access URL for PQLL is:

Your current authentication methods for those products will remain the same.

Why are you updating eLibrary?
ProQuest is listening to customers and enhancing our products to fit seamlessly into student, researcher, and patron workflows.

Students and educators will immediately benefit from the following characteristics of the new eLibrary:

Which versions of eLibrary are covered by this FAQ?
This FAQ covers eLibrary K12, eLibrary Academic, eLibrary Public Library, eLibrary Curriculum Edition, eLibrary Canada, eLibrary Curriculum Edition Canada, eLibrary Australasia, eLibrary Curriculum Edition Australasia. A separate FAQ is available for customers of eLibrary Elementary and eLibrary Science.

When will the new eLibrary launch?
We expect to upgrade eLibrary on December 14, 2017. Stay tuned for exact details about a release date as the year progresses.

Are eLibrary Canada and eLibrary Canada Curriculum Edition going away?
eLibrary Canada and eLibrary Canada Curriculum Edition users will be transitioned to the new eLibrary upon release. The most popular features and value in eLibrary Canada and eLibrary Canada Curriculum Edition will be retained and expanded upon in the new eLibrary. See the appendix for details.

Is eLibrary Australasia being discontinued?
eLibrary Australasia customers will be transitioned to the new eLibrary upon release. The most popular features and value in eLibrary Australasia will be retained and expanded upon in the new eLibrary. See the appendix for details.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for the upgrade?
No. When the new product is ready, it will automatically redirect to the new product URL seamlessly. At some point following release, you’ll want to update your library’s URL for the product to reflect its new location:

Will anything besides the user interface change?
The new eLibrary will represent a giant leap forward in terms of the user experience. To properly showcase the elements that users, customers and analytics tell us will have the most value, some seldom-used or outdated features of the prior eLibrary were retired. See appendix for the details about those changes.

What happens to hyperlinks I may have had to specific documents?
When the new eLibrary is released, links to specific documents from the legacy product will no longer be supported. You will want to update the document links to reflect their URL location on the new product.

Will the access method for eLibrary change?
The most common authentication methods will be supported in the upgraded version of eLibrary. The base URL of eLibrary will change at launch. The new URL will be On the day or release, your product link will be auto-forwarded to the new URL.

Can I see what the new eLibrary will look like?
ProQuest will demonstrate the new eLibrary through preview Webinars, trainings and other collateral documents. Stay tuned for details!

What if I have a question not covered by this FAQ?
Reach out to your Account Manager or contact the eLibrary Product Manager, Larry Wilkner.

Have Questions? Need Extra Help?

ProQuest offers best-in-class global support. Contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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