The instructions in this article apply to Internet Explorer browser versions 8 thru 11. These browser versions allow you to use a drag and drop feature not available with other web browsers.

  1. Open Internet Explorer and go to
  2. Enter your Username and Password. If you do not know your FTP login information, please contact technical support for assistance.
  3. Click on "View" in the menu bar and then click on "Open FTP site in Windows Explorer". You may be prompted to sign in again use the same credentials.
  4. You will now have a window with your BBAS account files. You will want to temporarily minimize this window.
  5. Click on the Windows start menu in the lower left corner and then click on "Computer" in the right column.
  6. You now have two separate Internet Explorer windows. Resize them so you can see both at once.
  7. Find the file on the second “Computer” window. Click on it and drag it into the center of the ftp window.
  8. You will get a progress bar informing how long it will take to transfer the file. After the transfer is complete, log into your BBAS account and process the file like normal.