Ulrichsweb™ helps librarians and patrons avoid the frustration and time-consuming process of gathering serials information in bits and pieces from multiple sources. Only Ulrichsweb brings together the latest bibliographic and provider details you need in one location, with user-friendly searching of comprehensive information, integration with your discovery services and OPAC, and interoperability with other elements of your serials workflows.

Accessibility features and gaps

Users of Ulrichweb should be able to: Some accessibility gaps include: If you have a disability and need to make your computer, tablet or other device easier to use, AbilityNet is a recommended resource. We also recommend browsing free plugins offered for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Technical Information about this site’s accessibility

ProQuest is committed to making its website accessible, in accordance with:

Compliance level and report 

This website is partially compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines v2.1 AA standard, due to the non-compliances listed below. 

Access the full Accessibility Compliance Report (VPAT 2.4 and WCAG) for Ulrichsweb.

Accessibility of this platform

Some links in Ulrichsweb link to other ProQuest websites and, while our platforms are built to meet accessibility standards, these other may differ slightly in accessibility performance. If you experience accessibility issues on these platforms, please use their respective contact forms to report your concerns. 

Keyboard Access

The website is accessible using a keyboard alone with the following exceptions: in the search filter area, the More… links to view more facets, sorting options in the search results 
(e.g. has TOC, Refereed, Electronic, Open Access, Reviewed), related titles in the titles detail page (e.g. Alternative Media Edition), and the submit corrections dialog fields. 

Screen Readers

The website can be browsed effectively with a screen reader, but there are areas of exception. Search results filter group heading are not semantically identified as heading. Main pages (Search, Workspace, Updates) are missing headings. Pages do not utilize landmarks (e.g. search element, pagination element, toolbar). Title details sections (e.g. Basic Description, Price Data) are not semantically identified as headings. The sites main navigation and the search filters cannot be skipped. Some status messages are not conveyed in a non-visual way including email from error messages, create new list error messages, search result item to select messages.

Color Contrast

Ulrichsweb is designed to be compliant to color contrast requirements, except there are a few areas of exception. These areas include the search results toolbar items, title details toolbar items, and workspace marked titles tab toolbar items.

Accessibility Testing

The accessibility of Ulrichsweb is a continual effort at ProQuest. Accessibility standards are built into our design, and style guides and included as part of requirements in our software development and quality assurance pipeline.

Ulrichsweb code is checked on Mac and PC platforms for accessibility using a range of automated and manual checks including but not limited to: 

What We are Doing to Improve Accessibility

Making content accessible is an ongoing effort at ProQuest. We are committed to working with the community to ensure we continue to meet our customers’ needs. A list of our ongoing efforts includes:

Support and feedback

If you have difficulty accessing specific ProQuest content or features with adaptive technology after trying the workarounds suggested in this statement, you can contact us using the links provided below. Our support services will respond within three days and are available to accommodate the communication needs of end users with disabilities. We will work with you to identify the best option for remediation, subject to content licensing restrictions and technical capability. 

Online: ProQuest Technical Support

United States & Canada (toll free):
+1 800 889 3358

Outside North America:
+800 4997 4111 or +1 734-707-2513

Preparation of this accessibility statement

This accessibility statement was prepared on March 26, 2021. It was last reviewed on March 26, 2021.

The website was last tested on September 10, 2020. The test was carried out internally at ProQuest.