OASIS supports OpenURL 1.0 linking to three different bibliographic fields enabling title, author and ISBN based searches of local resources, such as OPACs. It is very important to note that the success of these local searches will depend on the OpenURL 1.0 configuration a library has established in OASIS Administration, and upon the nature of the targets it points to. Only the resolver portion of the URL needs to be specified. For example, this is a valid OpenURL 1.0 resolver that points back to OASIS:

In absence of OpenURL 1.0 resolver support, libraries may choose to specify a catalog check URL. The catalog check URL is backwards compatible with the previous method of using a $ISBN substitution, and only supports search by ISBN. For example, a library may have a URL like http://library.university.edu/checkcatalogue?id=$ISBN where OASIS will substitute $ISBN with an actual ISBN.

If OASIS does not see the $ISBN placeholder in the catalogue check URL, it will assume the provided URL is an OpenURL resolver.

The catalog check URL may be set by an OASIS Administrator:


OpenURL Links into OASIS

OASIS can accept OpenURL links according to the OpenURL 0.1 or 1.0 standard. This is done by specifying OASIS as the link resolver and using a correctly formatted OpenURL query to specify the title or ISBN to search. The title or ISBN that is specified must be correctly URL-encoded: many software programs that generate OpenURL links will do this automatically. If you are not logged into OASIS when clicking on a OpenURL link that points to OASIS, you will be prompted for your login credentials.

Search by title – OpenURL 0.1


Search by ISBN – OpenURL 0.1


Search by title – OpenURL 1.0


Search by ISBN – OpenURL 1.0