A clip allows you to choose a starting and ending point in the middle of the video. This feature can be especially useful with longer videos.
Clip Example

    • To use these features, you will need a User Account. To create or login to your User Account, click on the person icon in the upper right-hand corner.
User Login Icon
     • Login with your user credentials, or click Create new account if you need to set one up.
          Note: If you have an existing account, but can't remember your login credentials, please contact Technical Support.

     1. On your chosen video, click the Clips menu, and then the Create a new clip button.
Clip Menu
          2. You will see the below Clip menu.
Clip Menu Interface
          3. Grab the bullet points on either end of the video timeline, and move them to your desired clip section and length. Or, alternatively, you can enter in the Start and Finish times manually.
Time Inputs
          4. Enter your clip's Title and a description. 

          5. Be sure to choose your Visibility. If you wish to Share the clip later, the clip cannot be Only visible to you.
Clip Menu Visibility

          6. Select Save changes

          7. Once your changes are saved, your clip will appear in the Clips list
Clips Menu Sidebar
          8. If you wish to ShareEdit, or Delete your clip, click the three vertical dots and make your selection
Clip Share Selection

          9. You can also Share clips made by other users, by clicking the three vertical dots on other clips you may find.
Other Clip Option