How to interpret search numbers for database collections listed on ProQuest Summary usage report:

Interpreting Search Numbers On Summary Report
1) ABI/Inform Collection listed in the example above shows 483 searches.

     - ABI/Inform Dateline has 477 searches.
     - ABI/Inform Global has 482 searches.
     - ABI/Inform Trade & Industry has 478 searches.

This means that the lowest common denominator was 477 searches. They were cross searches across the entire collection. Users searched ABI/Inform Global 5 more times and they searched ABI/Inform Trade & Industry one more time.

Since searches of sub-databases roll up to the parent collection, searches are: 477 + 5 + 1 = 483 searches.
***Searches listed next to a parent collection should never be less than one of its sub-databases.

2) ASFA Collection shown above shows clearly that it was searched 491 times and that there were 491 cross searches.