Automated holdings updates for your Ebook Central owned, subscribed and DDA-discoverable holdings are available for Alma. 

NOTE: Customers who used the Automated Holdings integration with Alma prior to November 2020 will transition to the new integration by Ex Libris- implications of the transition are available here.

To enable this service:
  1. Contact Ebook Support through the ProQuest support center to ask for automated holdings for Alma to be enabled in Ebook Central. Please provide your Ebook Central site ID and let us know if you would like to send owned, subscribed, or DDA titles, or any combination of these three holdings types
    1. Please note that if you are using automated holdings with the Ebook Central Perpetual, Subscription and DDA Titles collection, you will not be able to do any manual records management in that collection 
    2. For example, you cannot enable only subscription titles for automated holdings if you would like to continue to manage owned titles manually in the Ebook Central Perpetual, Subscription & DDA Titles collection. If you have only subscription titles sent in the integration, the profile will deactivate the owned books since it will not find them in the initial full holdings load (of subscription titles). Please contact Ex Libris Support with any questions about your records management options
  2. Activate the Community Zone electronic collection "Ebook Central Perpetual Subscription & DDA Titles"
  3. Create an integration profile in Alma. For assistance with this step, please contact Ex Libris support via their support portal
  4. Disable manually managed ProQuest Ebook Central Subscriptions electronic collections in Alma if you are having subscription titles included in the automated updates
The ProQuest Books division produces daily incremental files for each holdings type you select in step 1, and Alma retrieves and processes these updates daily to keep your electronic collection as up-to-date as possible.
If you are a member of a consortium on Ebook Central, we will send the consortium owned, subscribed, and DDA titles that are visible to your patrons on your Ebook Central site along with your locally-held titles.

Ebook Central also offers automated holdings management with Ex Libris' Intota and OCLC's WorldCat Knowledgebase. For more information, access the following support articles:
Ebook Central Admin: Automated holdings updates for perpetual and DDA-discoverable titles in Summon, Intota, and 360
Ebook Central Admin: Automated holdings updates to OCLC Worldcat Knowledgebase