To obtain a list of your owned titles on Ebook Central that also includes information about which access model(s) you own for each title, use the Title Report, under the Reports menu in LibCentral.

On the Title Report generation page, select all owned access models to get a list of all owned titles. If you are interested in separate lists by access model, you could select the access models individually instead.
Access model selections on LibCentral Title Report Generation page

Make sure under 'Usage' you have 'show all' selected, so you get a complete list of owned holdings regardless of usage:
LibCentral Title Report generation page - usage selection

Select 'Search'. The results will show a report of all your owned titles. There is a column that shows 'Access Model'. If you want to export this report, you can select which columns you would like in the .csv, including Access Model (under Purchase History).
Title Report export options

NOTE: If you select the owned titles link from the LibCentral Dashboard on the LibCentral landing page, this will perform a search in the acquisition catalog. You can obtain a list of all your owned titles this way, but you cannot filter by owned access model, or see the owned access models in the exported file. The access model filters in the acquisition search are for access models available for purchase.