Your Ebook Central Perpetual Access, Subscription and DDA-discoverable holdings can be automatically updated in OCLC Worldcat knowledge base. To enable this service, please contact the Technical Support Team by submitting your query on this form. In your request, please provide the following information: You will also need to contact OCLC Support with the following message. Replace [xxx] with your information.
Please load my ProQuest Ebook Central collections
Please verify with OCLC support that you are set up for Worldcat KB before placing your request with Ebook Support. 

How does the integration work? If you are a member of a consortium with shared holdings, we will send consortium holdings along with your locally-held titles.

If you would like addition information on how OCLC works with ProQuest Ebook Central to automatically add and maintain your knowledge base collection data, please see the following OCLC article link:

If you would like information on manually selecting new titles in a collection, please see the following OCLC article link:

Ebook Central also offers automated holdings management with Ex Libris' Alma and Intota. For more information, access the following support articles:
Ebook Central Admin: Automated holdings updates to Alma
Ebook Central Admin: Automated holdings updates for perpetual and DDA-discoverable titles in Summon, Intota, and 360