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Monthly Editor's Picks:Highlights:
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October Editor's Picks
Wave Gesture outlineWelcome Encyclopedia Britannica. Over 500 multidisciplinary titles now available. (worldwide rights) Highlighted subjects:
Wave Gesture outlineWelcome Chapulin Films adding over 35 Spanish language films (Worldwide rights) September Editor's Picks
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Welcome Vision Films. Highlights include: American History | Politics & Current Affairs | DEI
Common Ground: The Story of Bears Ears: (Collective Eye Films) On December 28th, 2016, former President Obama protected nearly 1.5 million acres of sprawling canyon lands and ancient cultural sites in southeast Utah by designating the area as Bears Ears National Monument. Politically, Native American groups and environmentalists applauded the designation. However, it infuriated some locals and state politicians who, declaring more… (worldwide)

Women’s Studies | DEI
Brave Girls: (Collective Eye Films) For Karishma, Apsana and Samira, going to school to complete their secondary education represented a seismic shift in worldview and a radical reappraisal of what their lives could become. Suddenly, a life trapped within four walls, fulfilling societal expectations came into question when the possibility of a life outside of the house became palpable. But as final exams approached, their families began preparations for their weddings. Immediately, they were forced to choose between their quickly evolving dreams and their obligations to their community. These stories combined show the complexity that emerges on the path to self-determination within a conservative, Muslim town - Dholka located in the western state of Gujarat, India. Filmed over 4 years, Brave Girls explores the urgent questions about the empowerment of women in the developing world from the perspective of the women living those questions and facing the consequences of answering them. (worldwide)

Education |Immigration
Children of Chance: (FILM PLATFORM) In the small local school of Cheratte, a former mining town, 11-year old students with an immigrant background are coming to the end of their primary school education with Brigitte, a dynamic teacher. Her pedagogical approach aims to integrate these pupils into a constantly changing world. Throughout the school year, the film follows these grandsons of miners, mainly Turks and Muslims. While some of their elders opt for identity closure, this film evokes the challenge awaiting these children to integrate into current society, in the face of terrorist attacks. (Excluding Belgium; Cambodia; China; France; Luxembourg; Netherlands; Swaziland)

Art & Architecture | Psychology | Counseling & Therapy
Heaven is a Traffic Jam on the 405 (Grasshopper Film) An extraordinary and innovative documentary, Heaven is a portrait of artist Mindy Alper, whose renowned and astonishing body of work reveals a lifetime of struggle with debilitating mental illness. (U.S. only)

Classical Music | Theatre

Riders of the Purple Sage: The Making of a Western Opera  (Quantum Leap Productions) America's cowboy culture and Opera’s hallowed traditions converge to celebrate the collaborative power of art. "Riders of the Purple Sage" follows a composer as he adapts a 1912 dime novel masterpiece into a modern American opera. Zane Grey’s tale features more… Rehabilitation Therapy | Physical Therapy | Massage
“The San Francisco School of Massage and bodywork has been a fan of Art Riggs' teaching for decades and have used his textbook for over 20 years for our deep tissue classes.  We project individual segments…in our basic massage program and in more advanced classes to supplement the lectures and demonstrations. The students love the presentations for the material and also bodywork philosophy to escape from the rote "cookie cutter" strokes that many schools teach.…”
August 2021 Editor's Picks
Dance | Gender Studies
Ballerina Boys (FILM PLATFORM) “The Trocks” are some of the world’s most beautiful dancers—male ballerinas who take great risks to present their dazzling ballet parody. Full of beauty and fun, “Ballerina Boys” seduces viewers into facing issues of gender, inclusion, and social justice. (worldwide)

Counseling & Therapy
New from PESI, Inc. (worldwide): Health
Witness to the Pandemic: Acts of Heroism (CNN) CNN correspondents report on the escalating public health crisis and meet the men and women who perform daily acts of heroism in an effort to save as many lives as possible. (worldwide)

American History | Black Studies | Jewish Studies
On Broadway (Finding Your Roots; PBS) Henry Louis Gates, Jr. investigates the family histories of Broadway stars Audra MacDonald and Mandy Patinkin, discovering ancestors whose struggles laid the groundwork for their success. (U.S./Canada Only)

Theatre | Performing Arts | DEI
Whitefire Theatre Contemporary theatre performances, with an emphasis on multicultural perspectives. The pieces are 1-person shows written, directed, and performed by minority voices. (worldwide) Business & Economics | Art & Architecture
Built to Last? (Resilience Action Fund) Must-See Survival Training for Everyone In The Age of Disasters. Around the world, disasters are on the increase. In the past ten years earthquakes, heat waves, floods, hurricanes, fires and volcanoes have killed over a million people, affected another 2 billion and caused 4.5 trillion dollars in damage. Our homes are where we look for shelter, but when a disaster strikes, we’re on the front line. We’re going to reveal the hidden risks, and ask: Is your home ‘Built to Last’? Discover how you can make your home safer. (worldwide)

Women’s Studies | Gender and Social Transformations | DEI
She Wants To Talk To You (Anita Chang Works) In October 1999 filmmaker Anita Chang befriended three 13-year-old girls while living in Kathmandu, Nepal. Honestly presenting themselves in an audio recording, these girls share with the filmmaker their ideas on marriage, friendship and spirituality. Their recordings provide a complex and poignant framework for three Nepali women living in the U.S. to reflect on their own struggle, exile and quest for liberation. Through portraiture and verite documentary, the film offers rare insight into the lives of girls and women from a society steeped in patriarchy, tradition and caste. She Wants to Talk to You speaks closely to young girls and women, as well as provokes universal introspection about the nature of happiness and oppression, and human relations and intimacy. (worldwide)

Recently added from Collective Eye Films (worldwide)
Social Work | Black Studies | DEI
Highlights from FILM PLATFORM
Nursing | Education
LGBT Studies | Olympics
Recently added from Grasshopper Film (U.S. only)
Health Policy | Media Studies
Black Studies | Criminal Justice

July 2021 Editor's Picks
World History

Shoah Twelve years in the making, SHOAH is Claude Lanzmann’s monumental epic on the Holocaust and features interviews with survivors, bystanders, and perpetrators in 14 countries. The film does not contain any historical footage but rather features interviews which seek to “reincarnate” the Jewish tragedy and also visits places where the crimes took place. It grew out of Lanzmann’s concern that the genocide perpetrated only 40 years earlier was already retreating into the mists of time, and that atrocity was becoming sanitized as History. His massive achievement – at once epic and intimate, immediate and definitive – is a triumph of form and content that reveals hidden truths while rewriting the rules of documentary filmmaking.
Thirty-five years after its original release, SHOAH remains nothing less than essential. (FILM PLATFORM) (Canada, United States Only)

Classical Music
One Voice: The Story of the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir One Voice illuminates a group of people from diverse faiths, races, genders, socioeconomic backgrounds, and lifestyles, all with a common goal: to bring joy and inspiration to the stage through black gospel music. By coming from a place of inclusion and acceptance, choir members are able to bridge their differences, embracing the celebrations and challenges that arise along the way. (Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir) (worldwide)

Political Science | Comparative Government | Current Events
Louis Theroux: The Ultra Zionists The West Bank has been the white-hot center of global religious and political unrest for decades. Now, a subculture of Jewish ultra-nationalists are considering it their obligation to populate some of its most sensitive areas. In this film, the British filmmaker gets close to the people most involved with driving this extreme movement, finding them warm, humorous - and deeply troubling. (BBC) (worldwide)

LGBT Studies Health Policy
COVER/AGE The Affordable Care Act explicitly denies undocumented immigrants access to healthcare. While laws in California have now made healthcare available for undocumented young people, undocumented adults continue to be excluded. COVER/AGE follows an elderly caregiver and a policy advocate in the campaign to expand healthcare to include all people, regardless of immigration status or age. (Pawikan Films) (worldwide)

Health | Global Issues
Witness to the Pandemic: Acts of Heroism CNN correspondents report on the escalating public health crisis and meet the men and women who perform daily acts of heroism in an effort to save as many lives as possible. (CNN) (Worldwide)

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June 2021 Editor's Picks
Environmental Studies | Politics and Current Affairs
Climate Change Babies An inspiring film for trailblazing mothers and parents around the world takes a hopeful approach to the climate crisis by focusing on people taking action to secure a better future for their children. (Monde Films) (worldwide)

Anthropology | Women’s Studies
"Gray Is The New Blonde" is an award-winning documentary about the outdated views and attitudes towards women with gray hair. This empowering film will explore how the world has negatively viewed women with gray hair and more importantly how this is changing. (2020) (worldwide)

Disabilities Studies
WHEN I STUTTER reveals the humanity that exists within people who stutter. Over the course of nearly 5 years, this documentary shares the stories of nineteen people who stutter that run the range of human emotion from despair to hopefulness to ultimately, triumph. (Collective Eye) (worldwide)

Performing Arts | Theatre
Free Theatre: The 37-Year Experiment  The inside story of Free Theatre: the colourful and controversial theatre company in Christchurch, New Zealand, which has been creating extraordinary productions for 37 years. The group has specialised in physical theatre, innovative forms of European drama, and collaborations with music and the visual arts. Since the Christchurch earthquakes it has developed new styles of performance to involve the community and interact with the city’s devastated landscapes. (Point of View Productions) (worldwide)

Art | Photography
Peter Peryer: The Art of Seeing For four decades Peryer pioneered and championed the art of photography and created a major body of work. The film has been described as 'a masterclass in photography' and a great testament to this artist's life. (Point of View Productions) (worldwide)

Allied Health | Health Policy | Nursing
Life Interrupted is a candid and intimate portrayal of life after a breast cancer diagnosis. Three unique survivors–including the filmmaker herself–journey from diagnosis through treatment, and life beyond.  (Paula Mozen) (worldwide)

Black Studies | Media Studies
Mr. Soul An engrossing and emotional look into the life and times of Elias Haizlip, the visionary tv producer and host, whose groundbreaking show “Shout!” brought the many voices of African American culture to the forefront of mainstream media. (Film Platform) (worldwide)

StreetlightSpotlight: Pride Month
May 2021 Editor's Picks
Education | Social Work: StreetlightSpotlight! In time for AAPI Heritage Month: 50+ additional films from the Center of Asian American Media (worldwide rights) including: StreetlightSpotlight! Mental Health Awareness Month: #MAHM. Highlights include: April 2021 Editor's Picks
Newly added from PBS (North America only)
Education | Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
Dropout Nation A troubling and inspiring journey through the maze of an inner city high school, Dropout Nation investigates the causes, challenges, and potential solutions of a national emergency.
Astronomy | STEM: Mars 2020 
Black Studies | Business & Economics Biology | Human Development: Human: The World Within (Season 1) includes episodes on Birth, Defend, Fuel, Pulse, React and Sense.

New from BBC (worldwide rights)
Celebrate Earth Month StreetlightApril DEI Spotlight: Black Studies Black Studies is at the core of the DEI conversation, and Academic Video Online includes 1600+ videos on this topic alone. Highlights include: Magnolia Pictures now available in Canada
Magnolia Pictures is a leading independent film distributor with high-profile films like Freakonomics, Good Night and Good Luck, and Limelight. These and more are now being added in Academic Video Online to watch in Canada.

March 2021 Editor's Picks
New from Sony Pictures Classics (U.S. colleges/universities only)
We’ve added 21 titles this month including 3 Pedro Almodovar films. Other Sony Pictures Classics favorites now available. New from FILM PLATFORM
Criminal Justice | Law | Mental Health | Social Work | Counseling | Psychology
Politics & Current Affairs | Women's Studies | Gender | History | Activism | African Studies | Colonialism | Human Rights
American History | Black Studies | Religion & Thought
The Black Church: This Is Our Story, This Is Our Song (PBS) (North America Only) New from CNN
Black Studies | Dance | Anthropology | Women’s Studies
Global Issues | Business | Mental Health

February 2021 Editor's Picks
January 2021 Editor's Picks
Computer Science | Technology | Sociology
iHUMAN (FILM PLATFORM) (Not available in Norway, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom)

Black Studies| Social Work
Policing the Police 2020 (PBS) (North America)

PBS Great Performances (North America)
World Music | Classical Music Social Work
CHUT…! = SHUSH…! This is a charming documentary about a public library in France and the heroes who work there. (aaa production) (Worldwide rights)

Politics & Current Affairs
In the Face of Terror (series) (BBC) (Worldwide rights)

November 2020 Editor's Picks
New & Exclusive from FILM PLATFORM Welcome Grasshopper Film to Academic Video Online (U.S. and North America Only) – Their independent, foreign and documentary films include highlights such as:  

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