If you would like to use Adobe Digital Editions to read Ebook Central books on your Android phone or tablet, please follow the below steps to do so:
  1. Install Adobe Digital Editions on your Android device, by using Google Play. Please remember to authorise the application with your Adobe ID
   User-added image
  1. Locate the title in Ebook Central in the browser on your Android device
  2. Select the Android option for 'What device are you using?' and click on “I’m using my own computer” and then on “Continue”
  Select Android for your device and 'I'm using my own computer'
  1. Click “Done with this step” when you are prompted to download an Ebook reader app (since you have already installed Adobe Digital Editions)
                                                  On the second screen, select 'done with this step'
  1. Choose your loan duration and click “Download Your Book”
                                       Select loan length and download your book

6. Your browser will show your downloaded file, click "open".

Popup on the bottom of the screen with link to open your downloaded file

If you are offered your choice of apps, select Adobe Digital Editions to open, download, and display your title.

For instructions on how to download using Adobe Digital Editions on iOS devices, please refer to the following support article:
Ebook Central: Full-Download – how to download for offline reading using an iOS device and Adobe Digital Editions