You can configure your ProQuest account so that your users are taken to your preferred authentication method when they select your institution from the login page institution search options. It is also advisable to set this up because by doing so you will only need a single link for both on-site and off-site users. The link you want to use would then be:, where XXXX would be your ProQuest account ID – the number that appears next to your institution’s name when you log into PAM.

Once you have set up your authentication options in PAM (IP, proxy, Shibboleth, barcode, etc.) you can configure the preferred redirect page using the following instructions:
  1. After logging into PAM, click on the ‘Authentication/Access’ tab on the left hand side
  2. On the top right side of the screen, click on ‘Additional Authentication Options’
  3. Under the ‘Preferred Redirect Page for Remote/Manual Access’ open the drop-down menu under ‘Redirect remote users to:’ and select the relevant option:
    1. If you have already set up proxy, barcode or shibboleth authentication they will display as options in the list.
    2. If you have not set up anything yet, you can select ‘Local URL e.g. proxied ProQuest URL’ and enter your preferred redirect page there, e.g. This is the page your users will be redirected.
  4. Remember to check that the ‘Opt in’ checkbox is enabled
  5. Click on ‘Save changes’