We recognize that you are facing many challenges impacting your workflows and processes for managing content and various services for your library.  In an effort to help, our customer service and technology teams are adding new functionality to ProQuest’s Invoice Portal, allowing you to easily manage your renewals online anytime, from anywhere in the world.  Starting mid-April, you will be able to… Because this new renewal functionality is part of the Invoice Portal, you will have everything in one place.  Key benefits of the invoice portal that may be particularly important during this challenging time include:
You simply access this new renewal functionality using the same login credentials you use for the Invoice Portal.  If you do not have a ProQuest Invoice Portal login, but use our RenewMe program, we have started the registration for you.  You will receive communication to accept the registration and create a password. Please visit the registration Support Center page for additional details and instructions.

Additionally, you can access the ProQuest Invoice Portal from your LibCentral account.
Please visit here to find out how.

Should you have questions or need login help, please contact customerservice@proquest.com

We hope this helps you and your colleagues in some small way and wish you health and safety as we move forward together.