For existing Ebook Central and Alma customers that also have an active Ebook Central Trial subscription, this article details the steps needed to make the trial Ebook Central subscription discoverable in ALMA. 
  1. Go to the ALMA Community Zone
  2. Search for the Ebook Central subscription product that you want to make discoverable
  3. Activate the subscription
    • As a part of the activation wizard you are able to set the "Until Date" to end at the same time as the trial.
      • When the "Active Until" data arrives, the resource will no longer be available.
    • It is also a good idea to fill in the "Service Public Note" to explain that this is a trial resource, which will be available for a limited time.
  4. Enter your Customer ID/ Ebook Central Site ID in the linking parameter. Your Customer ID/Ebook Central ID is the Ebook Central Site Identifier found in your trial's Welcome email.
    • You can pick up your Ebook Central Site ID from your Ebook Central login URL:
      • https://<SITE ID>
    • Please contact ProQuest Support via our support portal if you have questions regarding your Customer ID/Ebook Central Site ID for your trial.
Please contact Ex Libris Support via their support portal if you have any questions regarding this process.