ProQuest enables access to rich and varied information. It includes the world’s most important scholarly journals and periodicals, millions of pages and three centuries of global, national, regional and specialty newspapers, hundreds of thousands of ebooks and unique vaults of digitized historical collections from great libraries and museums around the world. Most of this content is only available to subscribing institutions. If you are affiliated with an educational establishment, a company, local public or state library, try to search for its name in the ‘Find your library’ search box, either by entering the name of the institution or its domain name, e.g. Authenticating into your institution system will give you access to a lot more content – if you cannot find the name of your institution after running a search, contact your library and ask them if they provide access to ProQuest resources.

If you are not affiliated with any institution you can still run searches on ProQuest and access the full text of the Open Access content that is available in the service. You will recognize this content because it will have an open padlock icon to indicate that it is freely available. For the rest of the content you will only be able to see either basic information about the item or a preview of the document/video/ebook, etc.

We would also recommend that you get a library card from your local library, as ProQuest has agreement with many local libraries and it’s possible that you will be able to access much more content if you use your library credentials to sign in.