"The video you have selected requires using a recent version of the supported browsers. Please use one of the following browsers and try again: Chrome 35+, Firefox 47+, Internet Explorer 11+ or Edge."

Some video content in Alexander Street Video, such as Sony Classic Pictures content, is protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology. Due to this DRM requirement, certain videos will not play on specific environments as they lack the technology required to play protected video.

The following environments are not supported to play DRM protected video:

Apple Mac OSX 
Safari browser

Apple iOS devices (iPhone or iPad -- any version of iOS)
All browsers

For customers that are on Mac OSX, we recommend using the latest versions of either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. For customers that are on an iOS device, the iOS operating system does not support playing DRM protected videos on any browse. We recommended customers use a computer or Android device.to watch videos protected by DRM.

Please see our system requirements for Alexander Street here.