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ProQuest Multidisciplinary Database Content Update: Full Year 2018
Changes to database names: 
Summary of additional content:
See full details in this spreadsheet.

ProQuest Multidisciplinary Database Content Update: July – September 2018

Summary of additional content:

See full details in this spreadsheet.

ProQuest Central and multidisciplinary Content Updates Jan - June 2018

New scholarly journals in full text:
o 18 from Cambridge University Press including American Antiquity, Political Analysis, and Journal of Psychologists and Counsellors in Schools
o 16 from S. Karger AG including Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry, Obesity Facts, and Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders Extra
o 7 from Oxford University Press including Endocrine Reviews and The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism

New varied content in full text
- Extra market reports from Plunkett and Oxford Economics
- More newspapers including El Pais, Le Parisien, and The Korea Times
- 25 Oxford Handbooks in Nursing
- New wirefeeds from CNN and Bloomberg

See a summary of the great new content added to ProQuest Central in the last 12 months here.
See the spreadsheet for a full list of all content added and removed from January 1st to June 30th 2018

ProQuest Central and multidisciplinary Content Updates Full Year 2017

- Active full text of almost 500 new scholarly journals, including
o 94 journals from Springer Science & Business Media including the Journal of Big Data, The American Sociologist, Frontiers of Medicine, and Chinese Political Science Review
o 36 from Cambridge University Press including Political Science Research and Methods Analysis, Journal of Glaciology, and Management and Organization Review
o 19 from Oxford University Press including Pathogens and Disease, FEMS Microbiology Reviews, Sleep, and Economic Policy

- Over 50 newspapers such as The Times of India, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and Haaretz
- An extra 1,000 reports from BMI research, meaning BMI’s entire portfolio of 2,000 can now be accessed in ProQuest Central
- 30 Trade journals from Publishers including Dow Jones & Company, SourceMedia and CFO.com
- 29 books from New Strategist Press
- Wire feeds including Dow Jones Institutional News
- Magazines from publishers including The Financial Times and HR.com
- Video series, 60 Minutes, 1988-2016, added to ProQuest Central

See a full list of titles added and removed here.

ProQuest Central and multidisciplinary Content Updates July - September 2017

Summary of full text content added in Q3 2017:

Content removed:
- 6 full text magazines
- 33 full text scholarly journals
- 6 trade journals
See the full details in this spreadsheet

ProQuest Central and Multidisciplinary Databases Content Update: April - June 2017

Key full text content added in Q2 2017 includes:
- 158 scholarly journals form publishers including S. Karger, Dustri-Verlag, Springer Science & Business Media, and Oxford University Press
- 21 scholarly journals with impact factor including Ca : a Cancer Journal for Clinicians (Wiley), Brain, Behavior and Evolution (S. Karger), and Express Polymer Letters (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
- 5 new magazines
- Netwise Manufacturing Industry Company Reports. B2B supply chain resource with over 900k U.S. company profiles.
- 44 newspapers including Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 9 regional Canadian newspapers, the first Cuban newspaper acquired, Prensa Latina, Tehran Times, known as the voice of the Islamic Revolution, the People's Daily, the largest newspaper group in China and an official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, and Haaretz, founded in 1918, the longest running newspaper currently still in print in Israel.

Content removed includes
- The full text of 34 newspapers from publishers including Halifax Media Group
- 34 scholarly journals

See a summary of the great new content added to ProQuest Central in our What’s New flyer here
See the full details in this spreadsheet

A note on BMI Research reports:
Recently we increased coverage of BMI Research reports from 900 reports to their entire portfolio of 2000. Rather than showing all 2000 on the title list and in products, we have simplified how they are displayed by grouping them under 4 main report titles; BMI Country Industry Reports, BMI Industry Insight Reports, BMI Risk Reports, and Corporate Financing Week.
Please be aware that because of this the total number of active full text BMI titles on ProQuest title lists will be reduced from over 900 titles to 4, even though the former reports -  along with the over 1000 new ones – are all still available to users under one of the four tiles mentioned above. You can see these BMI reports on the ‘migrated tab’ of the spreadsheet.

ProQuest Central and Multidisciplinary Databases Content Update: January - March 2017

The full text of 98 new publications was added including:
- 56 scholarly journals from publishers including Oxford University Press, Du Gruyter, American Meteorological Society, University of Edinburgh
- Impact factored titles include Hypertension Research published by Nature Publishing Group (3.208), FEMS Microbiology Reviews published by Oxford University Press (13.687), and Earth Interactions published by American Meteorological Society (1.319)
- 9 Wire feeds from publishers including Agence France-Presse, Dow Jones, and Associated Press
- 8 Indian newspapers from Bennett, Coleman & Company Limited

The full text of 44 titles was removed.

ProQuest Central and Multidisciplinary Databases Content Update: 2016 full year

Welcome to the 2016 ProQuest Interdisciplinary content update, focused on keeping you informed of the journal, grey literature, book, and other material in ProQuest’s interdisciplinary databases including ProQuest Central.
This update covers content changes from the whole of 2016.

Scholarly Journals
Over 1400 periodical titles in current full text added including more than 650 scholarly journals from 55 countries around the world. Highlights include:
• 60 titles from Nature Publishing Group
• More than 60 titles from British Medical Journal, including The BMJ, the 4th most cited journal in the world by impact factor
• 90 titles from BioMed Central including Microbiome and Genome Medicine
• The full text of 225 periodical titles were removed in the last 12 months including 116 scholarly journals, 23 magazines, and 27 newspapers.

News & Trade Publications
• Over 50 newspapers added including Die Welt and Les Echos
• 50 new wirefeeds including 35 from SyndiGate Media Inc
• 30 trade publications across subjects including health, business, education, law, and more.

Market and Industry information
• In-depth research reports from Plunkett Research cover over 400 U.S. industry sectors ranging from nanotechnology to pets, or jewelry to vaccines. Reports include, Industry sales, populations, employees, and other financials, ratios and benchmarks.
• Lengthy, in-depth research reports from Barnes Reports covering hundreds of industry sectors worldwide
Coming Soon:
• Expanded agreement with BMI Research means that all 2,000 reports are now available in ProQuest, an increase of 1,100.
• Netwise Manufacturing Industry Company Reports: B2B supply chain resource covering over 900k US company profiles to help companies find suppliers or manufacturers within certain industries

The latest thinking first
• Thousands of new working papers from Research Papers in Economics (RePec), OECD and others.
• Over 3,000 new conference papers and proceedings

See the full details of all titles added and removed in this spreadsheet.