Getting started on ProQuest Ebook Central:
  1. Ebook Central is browser-based, make sure yours is up to date.    >See More
  2. Go to your Ebook Central site, the URL is in the format:    >See More
  3. Sign in for full access (if you aren't already). If it says "Sign Out" at the top right, you're all set. But if not, click the "Sign In" link.    >See More

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  4. Search for books by entering a keyword, ISBN, or other terms into the search box.
    For more search options, click "Advanced Search" or "Browse Subjects".    >See More

    Search-results screen after having typed in "leadership" and clicked "Search"
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  6. Narrow search results using Year Published, Subject, and other filters at the left.     >See More
  7. Learn more about a book by clicking its title or User-added image "Table of Contents and more".
    The detail page will show the book's availability for online reading and download, copy and print allowances, and bibliographic data.    
  8. Save a link to a book into your bookshelf by clicking User-added image "Add to bookshelf"    
  9. Open a book for reading by clicking User-added image "Read Online". Online-reading screen:
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  10. Navigate within a book by flipping or scrolling through pages, jumping to relevant chapters, or searching for text within the book. To maximize the reading panel, hide the left panel by clicking User-added image.  >See More

  11. Annotate the book using User-added image "Highlight", User-added image "Add Note", or User-added image "Add Bookmark"; or select text first and use pop-up toolsUser-added image. Review or delete your annotations under User-added image in the side bar.

  12. Organize and share your research using Bookshelf tools; click User-added image at the top of the screen. Here you can share a book or folder of books with others, or export the notes you've made in a book.    
  13. Get a citation for a selected book, in your choice of format, by clicking User-added image "Get a citation". Citations are also automatically included when you copy, print or page-range download.  >See More
  14. Get a link (URL) to a book, or a particular page within a book using User-added image "Share Link".  >See More
  15. Copy text - either the entire page you're reading by clicking User-added image "Copy" without having selected text, or select the text to copy and click User-added image from pop-up toolbar.  >See More
  16. For offline reading:
If you're browsing without first having signed in (some Ebook Central sites allow this), depending on your library's settings, you may be prompted to sign in once you attempt to: You will be prompted to sign in once you attempt to:
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