Taylor & Francis/Routledge, and associated imprints, will be embargoing front-list titles from short-term loan (STL) as of July 1, 2017 for ProQuest and all other vendors. Below you will find detailed information about the change as well as ways to manage it.
What does the embargo mean?
This change implements a year-long rolling embargo on short-term loans for front-list content affecting approximately 5,600 titles as of June 21, 2017. Current front-list titles, and those newly published, will go into embargo and become available for short-term loan a year after their publication date.

Retain Access to Front-list Titles with Access-to-Own (ATO) 
Front-list titles from Taylor & Francis/Routledge will continue to be available via Access-to-Own (ATO) and DDA Perpetual Purchase. For more information on Access-to-Own (ATO), please contact your Collections Workflow Consultant or visit the ProQuest Website.
Are backlist titles affected?
Taylor & Francis/Routledge’s remaining backlist content, approximately 72,000 titles, will not be affected and will remain available for short-term loan.

How can I manage this change?
If you use Taylor & Francis/Routledge for short-term loan, you can manage the change by: If you have any further questions, please contact your Collections Workflow Consultant or a member of the Technical Support Team. You can do so by submitting your support request on this form.