If you click on the drop-down menu next to your name in the top right hand corner of the Invoice Portal, you'll have options to view/manage your:

Profile | Message Center | Payment Profile | Automatic Payment Setup


From the Profile page, you can:

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Message Center

An archive of email communications sent are available in the Message Center for ease of access.

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Payment Profile

For customers in the United States, initial setup of your payment profile will need to be done here to make ACH payments

Update your bank account information at any time for payments you make via the Invoice Portal. The safety and security of your payment information is our highest priority. Data within the Invoice Portal held by ProQuest is guarded by 100% PCI compliant systems. Your data is secure and protected

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Automatic Payment Setup

Customers in the United States paying in USD can opt-in to setup automatic ACH payments via the Automatic Payment Setup option.

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