ProQuest RenewMe for Libraries

With the ProQuest RenewMe tool, subscription renewal notices come via email in a timely fashion that eliminates last-minute rush and worry.  Payment options include credit card, ACH (U.S.), BACS (UK), BECS (Australia), and wire transfer. 

RenewMe Integrates with Ex Libris' Alma.  Click here for details.

How It Works 

You will receive an email with links to your private, secured account information in the RenewMe tool.
The links give you the ability to review your renewal, renew right away or contact ProQuest Sales for more assistance. 

RenewMe offers many features such as:

Other Online Renewal Options 

Alma RenewMe Integration

Safe, Secure Access 

Every part of the RenewMe tool is designed around Internet safety and security.  No information is shared or used for any other purpose than that of renewals.  

Sign up

Sign up for e-renewals to take one more step out of the process.  contact us at

To change any of your existing subscription(s), contact your ProQuest Account Manager .