This report was created in response to our customers' concerns that most of the search numbers for their subscribed databases looked alike. This happened after the release of a new ProQuest platform which made it easier for the user to perform cross searches. This was very efficient for the users to find their research material and it was beneficial as well.

Many librarians expressed concern about search numbers and that they couldn't designate unique searches or a reasonable number of searches for each database they subscribed to.

ProQuest designed this report so it would show cross searches that were performed across all databases or at least 90% of those databases. If cross searches were performed in less than 90% of those databases then they would not be included in this report.

Some librarians subtract these numbers out of the the total searches to come up with unique searches for databases.

Cross-Searching by Month Usage Report
***This issue has been addressed already after the release of Counter 5 usage reports. They are called Searches_Regular and they are shown on Dr_D1 usage report.